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1.How are you doing?(你好吗?)2.I m doing great.(我过得很好。)3.What s up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)4.Nothing special.(没什么特别的。)5.hi.long time no see.(嗨,好久不见了。)6.so far so good.(到目前为止,一切都好。)7.things couldn’t be better.(一切顺利。)8.how about yourself?(你自己呢?)9.today is a great day.(今天是个好日子。)10.are you making progress?(有进展吗?)

11.may i have your name, please?(请问尊姓大名?)12.i’ve heard so much about you.(久仰大名。)13.i hope you’re enjoying your staying here.(希望你在这里过得愉快。)14.let’s get together again.(改天再聚聚。)15.that’s a great idea!(好主意!)16.please say hello to your mother for me.(请代我向你母亲问好。)17.i’m glad to have met you.(很高兴遇到你。)18.don’t forget us.(别忘了我们。)19.keep in touch.(保持联系。)20.i had a wonderful time here.(我在这里度过了难忘的时光。)

21.have a nice weekend.(周末愉快。)22.same to you.(彼此彼此。)23.nice talking to you.(很高兴与你聊天。)24.take care of yourself.(自己当心/照顾好你自己。)25.thank you for everything.(谢谢你的多方关照/你为我所做的一切。)26.thank you all for coming.(谢谢光临。)27.i appreciate your help.(我感谢你的帮助。)28.you’re always welcome.(别客气/不用谢)29.forget it.(算了吧)30.it was my pleasure.(不用谢。)

31.i made a mistake.(我弄错了。)32.i’m terribly sorry.(实在抱歉。)33.i must apologize!(我必须道歉!)34.i feel terrible.(我感觉糟透了。)35.it’s not your fault.(那不是你的错。36.sorry to bother/have bothered you.(抱歉,打扰一下/打扰你了。) 37.what do you do?(你做什么工作?)38.how do you like your new job?(你觉得你的新工作怎样?)39.i like it a lot.(我很喜欢。)40.i like reading and listening to music.(我喜欢阅读和欣赏音乐。)

41.what’s wrong?(怎么回事? )42.what happened?(发生什么事了?)43.i hope nothing is wrong.(我希望一切顺利。)44.i know how you feel.(我知道你的感受。)45.sorry to hear that.(听到这个消息我很难受。)46.come on,you can do that.(来吧,你能做到的。)47.use your head.(动动脑筋。)48.you did a great job.(你赶得很好。)49.that’s very nice of you.(你真好。)50.i’m very proud of you.(我为你感到自豪。)

51.I like your style.(我喜欢你的风格。)52.I love you guys.(我爱你们。)53.how do i look?(我看起来怎么样?)54.you look great!(你看上去棒极了!)55.That s fantastic!(那真是棒极了!)56.That s really something.(那真是了不起!)57.It s a pleasure working with you.(与您合作很愉快。)58.Congratulations on your success.(祝贺你的成功。)59.I d like to propose a toast.(我提议干杯!)60.Are you married or single?(你结婚了吗?)

61.I ve been dying to see you.(我非常想见到你。)62.I m crazy about you.(我为你疯狂/痴迷/神魂颠倒。)63.I love you with all my heart.(我全心全意爱你!)64.You re everything to me.(你是我的一切!)65.You re in love!(你恋爱了!)66.I m tired of working all day.(整日工作使我厌烦。)67.You work too much.(你做得太多了。)68.Money will come and go.(钱乃身外之物。)69.Are you crazy?(你疯了吗?)70.Have you got it?(明白了吗?)

71.I ve got it.(我懂了。)72.I can t afford that.(我承担/买不起。)73.I did it, I m so happy now.(我做到了,现在我很满意。)74.I don t care.(不关我的事/我不管。)75.I don t think so.(我不这么想/我看不会/不行/不用。)76.I guess so.(我想是吧。)77.I have no other choice.(我别无选择。)78.I will do my best!(我会尽力的!)79.I mean it.(我是认真的。)80.I m so scared.(我怕极了。)

81.It’s hard to say.(难说。)82.It’s a long story.(说来话长/一言难荆)83.It’s a small world.(世界真小)84.It’s against the law!(那是违法的!)85.It’s a good opportunity!(好机会!)86.It’s dangerous!(危险!)87.may i help you?(我能帮忙吗?)88.no doubt about it.(毫无疑问。)89.that’s bullshit!(废话!)90.think it over.(仔细考虑一下。)

91.time will tell.(时间会证明的。)92.what a surprise!(太令人惊讶了!)93.whatever you say!(随便你!)94.you are the boss!(听你的!你说了算!)95.you have my word!(我保证!)96.tough job,tough day,tough world.life is not always sweet.that’s life!(艰苦的工作,艰难的日子,不幸的世界。生活并不总是甜蜜的。这就是生活!)97.I need some sleep.(我需要睡眠。)98.take it easy.(别紧张。)99.just relax.(放松一下。)100.zip your fly!(闭嘴!)
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